Rare Albino Crow Discovered and Rescued in Connecticut

Rare Albino Crow Discovered and Rescued in Connecticut

You don't have to be a birdwatcher to appreciate what our feathered friends have to offer. Simply watching them at the birdfeeder or just seeing them fly around makes life interesting.

Every once in a while, however, we may have something cross our path that we never saw before. This typically makes us look online to figure out what type of bird we are seeing.

For residents of Killingworth, Connecticut, there was a strange sighting going around, and if you happened to see it, you might not even be able to find much about it online. After all, this bird is so rare, that the odds of seeing one is about one out in 30,000.

I'm talking about a rare albino crow, and it certainly is something that is worthy of your attention.

They found the rare bird after it was grounded and couldn't fly. They feel that it had sustained some injuries, so they took it to a rehabilitation and education center for birds of prey.

That center, A Place Called Hope, works on wildlife rehabilitation, and they absolutely love it. According to a Facebook post, they consider every day to be an adventure, because you never know what is going to come through the doors.

It didn't seem as if there were any broken bones, although they did give the bird some X-rays to make sure. The crow was favoring one wing, and it didn't seem to have good eyesight.

They will take the bird to a veterinarian to get a more thorough exam, and only time will tell if the crow will be able to fly again.

Until then, the sanctuary feels that they are 'honored to be blessed by this rarity.'

They also looked at the bird as being a sacred symbol messenger of trust, purification, healing, honesty, purity, clear vision, and overall good fortune. As for his part, the bird is living the high life with a little help from people who care.

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