If You Thought Snoopy Was a Beagle, You Have To Meet Bailey

If You Thought Snoopy Was a Beagle, You Have To Meet Bailey

Many of us grew up enjoying comic strips, and Peanuts was definitely a favorite. We loved the characters and how they interacted with each other, but there was one relationship that was especially special.

It was the relationship between Charlie Brown and his beloved beagle, Snoopy. Snoopy also had a friend, Woodstock, and they had many adventures together.

If you grew up thinking Snoopy was a beagle, I'd like to introduce you to Bayley. She looks exactly like Snoopy, but she isn't a beagle, she is a sheepadoodle.

We live in a world where designer breeds are relatively common, and a sheepadoodle is a mix between an old English sheepdog and a miniature poodle.

When you see the picture of Snoopy that was shared by the breeders at Fantasy Feather Farm, you will believe in true doppelgängers. She is almost indistinguishable from the cartoon.

They may look identical, but there are actually some differences that set them apart. Snoopy had short hair, but Bayley has longer, curly hair. In addition, Bayley doesn't spend much time chasing the Red Baron.

That isn't even to mention the fact that Bayley isn't a beagle.

Charles Schultz, who wrote the Peanuts comic strip and came up with the characters, drew Snoopy based on his mixed-breed hound, Spike. He eventually did admit that Snoopy was a beagle.


There are some differences between the two, but they look close enough to each other that Bayley has become very popular on social media.

They say every dog has his day, and I think Bayley will have many of them.

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