Photographer Captures Tiny Red Squirrel Meeting A Snowman For The First Time

Photographer Captures Tiny Red Squirrel Meeting A Snowman For The First Time

Life is interesting when you are a wildlife photographer. You get to see things that most people only hope to see, but you also get to share those experiences with others.

That is what Julian Rad experiences as he regularly takes pictures of wildlife in his area.

It's an amazing thing to do, but recently he got some pictures and a video that are causing quite a stir online.

Now that we are smack in the middle of winter, there are photo opportunities that are not available when the weather is warmer. As it turns out, one of those opportunities is getting pictures of a tiny red squirrel playing innocently with a little snowman.

When you look at these pictures, which Rad shared on Instagram you will have a difficult time telling which is more adorable, the squirrel or the snowman.

Since both of them are together, it is a moment in time that we all get to enjoy.

It seems as if Rad got more than these pictures of the squirrel with the snowman, he regularly takes pictures of red squirrels and you will love each and every one of them. There's just something innocent about these little squirrels doing what they do as they go about their daily lives.

Check out some of the photos below:

It isn't only little squirrels that Rad enjoys while he is out with his camera, he also takes pictures of other little creatures that will warm your heart as well. This includes a mouse that seems to also love that little snowman:

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