Dog Brothers Hug Each Other After Being Dumped In High-Kill Shelter

Dog Brothers Hug Each Other After Being Dumped In High-Kill Shelter

Texas is notorious for its high-kill animal shelters, and getting placed in one as a dog with medical needs or of a certain breed is a near-certain death sentence.

Two dogs, Apollo and Adonis, found themselves in that situation when their owner dumped them at a high-kill shelter.

While that might've been the end for them, Cindy Droogmans, the founder of the Long-Island-based A-Team ELITE Rescue Dogs, happened to come across them and offered them a second chance at life.

In an interview with The Dodo, Cindy explained that she immediately noticed how scared and timid the two dogs were. They were basically hugging each other from fear!

She added that she suspects they were dumped over having some medical needs. After taking them to the vet, she discovered that on top of their anxiety and fear, they also suffered from heartworm. She told The Dodo, "Probably they are dumped because they are heartworm positive, like most dogs in Texas. They are in full treatment now."

Taking To Facebook, Cindy shared that both Apollo and Adonis are looking for a forever home together.

Due to their close bond, she feels it's best if they stick together. She told The Dodo, "A bonded pair is always difficult to place, but look at them. How can they ever be split up?"

On Facebook, Cindy said of the dogs: "They are almost 2 years old and are good with dogs and curious about cats. Apollo is the leader and Adonis needs to follow his brother everywhere. They are beautiful but also very scared. It takes some time before they trust you."

Because of their high-need nature, Cindy was hoping to find a home them a home together that could dedicate a lot of time to them. They need an understanding and safe family who can offer them time, attention, and plenty of play and stimulation.

Unfortunately, their first adoptive home didn't pan out so well. The rescue was so thrilled to share the dogs had been adopted together, but it was short-lived as their new owners quickly returned them to the rescue.

After putting out a second plea for adopters, however, a fitting family finally stepped up to take the two brothers home.

This time, they'll be able to spend the rest of their days together in one home.

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