Groomers Go The Extra Mile To Care For Rescue Husky During Haircut

Groomers Go The Extra Mile To Care For Rescue Husky During Haircut

When we welcome home a rescue dog, we never quite know what we're getting ourselves into. Some dogs go through so much before being placed in a forever home. They need to be handled with love and care.

Trusting our pets with strangers can be nerve-wrecking, but sometimes, it's necessary. We take them to doggy daycare or the groomer and just hope they're getting the care that they deserve.

When a new rescue mama took her dog, Milo, to the groomer for the first time, she couldn't believe what she saw when she went to pick him up!

Huskies can be quite a handful when it comes to grooming. They're known to be dramatic and loud.

Considering Milo is a 75lb husky-shepherd rescue mix, his owner was a bit nervous about trusting him with the groomers and leaving him alone for the first time since his rescue.

Thankfully, when she went to pick him up, she was pleasantly surprised to find the groomers doting on him and taking such good care of him!

"The wonderful staff knew he was abused and never wanted him to feel that way again," Milo's owner shared on TikTok.

Check out the video below:

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Since being rescued, Milo has been living his best doggy life!

He gets plenty of time to rest and nap in the comfort of a home:

He can also play his sweet heart out and run at the doggy park:

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He'll never be left in a kennel for extended periods of time or worry about where his next meal is coming from. We're so happy for him!

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