Rescue Prairie Dogs Make The Most Adorable Sound To Greet Their Human

Rescue Prairie Dogs Make The Most Adorable Sound To Greet Their Human

Prairie dogs are cute, but they are also wild animals. We tend to see them scurrying about outdoors, but sometimes they need some help.

This included a pair of prairie dogs named Pablo and Pedro. According to Cuddle Buddies, they had a home but their former human couldn't care for them properly, so they handed the animals over to Sarah.

Sarah had a running start at caring for Pedro and Pablo because they were already accustomed to living with humans. They would have to live with humans for the rest of their lives, which is how they ended up in that family.

The people in the house get to hear something unusual every morning. It is a hearty "Yahoo" given by Pedro and Pablo when they see their family. It's just their way of saying hello, and it would surely put a smile on your face.

Sarah spoke about how affectionate Pedro and Pablo can be. She said they won't just lay next to you, they have to be on top of you. That is why they refer to them as "productivity suckers."

They love being given attention so much that they would not let their human stop petting them for a moment. Instantly, they would shoot them a look and bug them until they got more attention.

Consider it a training process, and Sarah and her family were all too quick to learn.

The problem was, Sarah and her family wanted to care for Pablo and Pedro but they didn't know how to do it properly. It took a while, but they eventually took in the pair of prairie dogs and have been caring for them ever since.

Since they are such social creatures, some adjustments had to be made to ensure they were well cared for. This included moving their cage into the middle of the busy area, so they could stay in touch.

In that location, they were able to hear voices and see people as they moved about.

Fortunately, prairie dogs are not nocturnal. Just like humans, they sleep at night and move around during the day.

Pablo and Pedro often found comfortable places to sleep, including in the clothes hamper or under a pile of blankets. It allowed them to find comfort and burrow, which is what prairie dogs do.

The pair still requires attention most of the time, so Sarah found a hoodie and put it next to her on the sofa when trying to watch a movie.

Raising prairie dogs is not for everyone, but it sure did work out for Sarah and her family. Check out the video below:

You can follow Pablo and Pedro on TikTok or Instagram to see more.

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