Rescue Seals Kiss Each Other Goodbye When They're Finally Set Free

Rescue Seals Kiss Each Other Goodbye When They're Finally Set Free

Two rehabilitated seals said a final goodbye to each other with a sweet kiss that was documented on camera.

The seals, Finn and Tukto, were both rescued by the Northcoast Marine Mammal Center, a non-profit that helps stranded, sick, and injured marine mammals along the northern coast of California.

"Regardless of size, our goal is always to give the marine mammals we rescue a second chance at life in the wild," they share on their website.

Thankfully, they're often successful with that goal!

Recently, they were able to celebrate the release of two seals. Finn, a Northern elephant seal, arrived at the center when he was just a pup.

The center shared, "Finn is a northern elephant seal pup that has not done well since being weaned from her mother. She would have weighed around 250 pounds when mom left her, and she now weights 91 pounds."

Finn was rescued on Agate Beach in a collaborative effort between park officials and the Humboldt County Sheriff's Office before being transferred to Del Norte County. Volunteers with the Northcoast Marine Mammal Center helped nourish little Finn with a healthy diet, supplements, and plenty of rest.

As Finn was rehabilitated, another rescue seal named Tukto was also working to be rehabilitated.

As it turns out, Finn and Tukto ended up being ready to be released on the same day! Before they parted ways on the beach, they nudged their noses together in a kiss-like gesture. How precious is that?

"Finn and Tukto were successfully rehabilitated and released back to their ocean home last weekend! They SEALed the deal with a goodbye kiss!" the center wrote on Facebook.

It's always nice to see marine wildlife thriving!

You can do your part to help marine mammals by signing this pledge to help beached whales survive!

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