Mommy's Little Bean

Mommy's Little Bean

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We had found a little stray cat one afternoon who had collapsed on my mother’s deck from heat exhaustion. I gently gathered her up and brought her home to try and care for her. She perked up as soon as we got home out of the heat.

Five hours later she ended up having 4 kittens in my living room (much to my surprise!), three of which I lost right away. Mama passed away the next morning due to unknown complications. All I had left was a tiny half bald little kitten in some serious trouble.

 width= Photo: Shayna

We immediately made an emergency trip to the vet where I was given less than a 5 percent chance the kitten would survive. I was shown how to tube feed and support this tiny fragile life. Tube feeding had to be the most heartbreaking thing I have ever done, sticking a tube down such a tiny baby’s throat and hearing the tiny screams, but I knew that was his only hope in surviving. He earned the nickname "Mommy’s Little Bean" due to his size and lack of hair.
I did not sleep a wink that first night in fear of the little one’s life, I was so terrified that he would pass away in the night. The next morning, I was so relieved to find that he had survived, much to everyone’s disbelief. I knew then my little "Bean" might just have a fighting chance.

 width= Photo: Pixabay

Each day he grew stronger and healthier and eventually learned to suckle from a bottle, then started on wet kitten food. I am now a proud mama to say Beans is now 5 months old and doing exceptionally well (much to the vet’s shock!!) I am so thankful Beans is such a special part of my life.

Story submitted by Shayna, from Ashcroft, Canada.

Beans’ story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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