The Dazzling Moonlight Cat

The Dazzling Moonlight Cat

Lance Adrean

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It was 2 am when my son finally finished hanging beautiful, blue Christmas lights on the farm front steps in preparation for the holidays. The moonlight was astonishing, the air was clear and very chilly. As he walked in, a 12-week-old Siamese kitten ran in with him and up the stairs.

She was starved and flea-infested. Her nose and eyes were caked with mucus. She was dying from pneumonia and stumbling from anemia, according to the vet.

 width= Photo: Lance Adrean

Jake the vet came round the next morning. We named her Isabelle after the Christmas Carol 'Bring a Torch.' I had just told the Lord that I no longer had the heart to go out and rescue any more animals (the fastest way to a broken heart is animal rescue) and the Lord said, "well, I guess they'll have to walk through your front door then!"

 width= Photo: Pixabay

Isabelle is a strange cat. I suspect she was a pet shop or breeder's mill animal as she has no desire to leave her bed or the room where she's being quarantined...she waits patiently and never complains. She will sit on my lap for hours, gazing at my face, purring. My son says she has a 'floaty brain'... and so it would seem. The animals are so deep and precious.

Finally, as an interesting footnote: In Thailand, these elegant cats are known as Wichien-Maat, which means "moon diamond." I know it's early but Merry Christmas everyone.

Story submitted by Lance Adrean, from Boston, MA.

Isabelle’s story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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