The Day Zoe Saved Me

The Day Zoe Saved Me

I was a property manager for a company that would send me to different locations they owned to "clean up" when they were having problems. In other words, get out the riff-raff, drugs, etc. The company sent me to a mobile home community that was in pretty bad shape. I immediately went to work cleaning up which involved quite a few evictions.

I had succeeded in evicting one such problem tenant but when they left they intentionally caught their mobile home on fire.

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When the fireman came to put out the fire, they found a dog and it's two pups.

All three were not breathing. They immediately put oxygen masks on them but the only one who came back to life was the mother. She ended up falling out again and the fireman performed mouth to snout and she came back again however her two pups did not survive.

I had always been a dog lover but always had large dogs however I could not let this poor sweet dog go to the pound after she had just lost her babies and almost her life so I volunteered to take her in. Had her vetted, cleaned up, etc., and she has been with me ever since.

My dearest Zoe is almost 14 years old now and I have had the blessing of her being in my life for twelve of those years.

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I had a scare and almost lost her to a tumor last year but thankfully she pulled through.

Zoe has shown me unconditional love and support each and every day since the day I thought I saved her but in reality she has saved me!

Story submitted by Ronica Bradley of Newark, Ohio.

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