Little Piglet Escapes a Bad Situation and Finds a Forever Home Where His Owner Tucks Him in at Night

Little Piglet Escapes a Bad Situation and Finds a Forever Home Where His Owner Tucks Him in at Night

Many people are kind to animals, and they likely have at least one pet in their home. Others, however, make it their ambition in life to save as many animals as possible.

That is the case with the woman in this video, and she was busy rescuing a most unlikely critter. It was a little pig that had escaped a bad situation, but it wasn't long before he reacted to her kind tone and words.

 width= Photo: YouTube / The Dodo

She sat in the woods with the little piglet for about five hours, feeding him cashews and convincing him that she could be trusted.

This Little Pig Got Rescued

When the time finally came for her to rescue him, he was not very happy. She had wrapped him in a sweater, but he was wiggling and squealing until they got to the car.

After getting in the car, something amazing happened. He suddenly surrendered, flopped over, and realized just how safe he was.

 width= Photo: YouTube / The Dodo

When she got him back to the sanctuary, she gave him a bowl of water and some food. She also found out that he had a skin condition, and all animals are quarantined for 30 days when they first arrive at her sanctuary.

Eventually, the little pig was able to overcome his skin condition, and when he was no longer contagious, he was brought into the house. Even though he wasn't with the other pigs in the sanctuary yet, he did get to meet the dog, Neil. They enjoyed eating some smoothie bowls together.

Time to Meet the Family

Eventually, the day came when the little piglet was able to go out to the sanctuary and meet the other pigs. He was so excited, and when he got into the pasture, he absolutely loved meeting everyone.

It's a beautiful thing when you see an animal being rescued, and this little pig certainly deserves the good life he now has.

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