Gut Health Enthusiast Shares The "Right Way" To Go #2

Gut Health Enthusiast Shares The "Right Way" To Go #2

A woman on TikTok is claiming many of us are going "number 2" the wrong way, and people are flabbergasted. Yes, the number 2 we're referring to is a good ol' fashion bowl movement.

Roslyn Kent (TikTok user @plantsfirstnutrition) is a 28-year-old woman who happens to be a gut health enthusiast.

In her quest to help people with gut health and make money selling workshops, she took to TikTok to share how to allegedly poop the "right" way and how to tell if you're eliminating all of your poo on the daily.

She shared the video with the caption: "Are you fully eliminating your bowels every day? Most people don't consider constipation if they're pooping on the daily, but that doesn't mean they aren't backed up! Here's how to tell."

The first thing she says to do is a "transit test" that involves eating a half cup of corn and also drinking a tablespoon of white sesame seeds stirred into some water. If the food comes out the next day, you're in the clear, according to her - but I don't recommend taking the test or self-diagnosing constipation without asking an actual healthcare provider first.

Her other tips include paying attention to how much you're wiping and how much volume is in each poo.

Check out her video below:

@plantsfirstnutrition Are you fully eliminating your bowels every day? 🌽💩🧻 most people don’t consider constipation if they’re pooping on the daily, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t backed up! Here’s how to tell. #pooping #bowelmovement #constipation #constipated #constipationrelief #constipationremedy #guthealthy #guthealthcoach #guthealthmatters #guthealthiseverything ♬ original sound - Roslyn Kent

While Roslyn claims that food should be processed and eliminated every single day, experts disagree.

According to Mount Siani of the Icahn School of Medicine, "The average transit time through the colon in someone who is not constipated is 30 to 40 hours." However, they note that up to three days is normal, and transit time in women may reach up to around 100 hours (4 days).

The Government of Alberta's health website adds that different people have different bowel transit times and experts disagree on if measuring that time is useful in the first place.

Of course, checking your poo and getting in tune with your daily bathroom habits is never a bad idea, but it's always best to defer to qualified health professionals for advice.

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