Roommate's Girlfriend Has Lots of Demands, Especially in the Kitchen

Roommate's Girlfriend Has Lots of Demands, Especially in the Kitchen

Having your own place is a goal adults aim for. You have the freedom to do anything you want, especially when you pay rent. Decisions regarding your apartment or house are solely based on you. It's also good to have a roommate you can easily discuss things with. Look for a roommate with the same preference as you and who is open-minded about living arrangements. Ensure that everything is clear between the both of you so that issues do not develop in the future. However, there are moments when such agreements change due to the influence of others. For example, if one roommate gets a romantic partner who is inconsiderate to those who actually live in the apartment, that could be a problem.

A Redditor experienced that kind of issue, which he shared in a lengthy post. It all started when his former friend/roommate, Matt, brought his girlfriend to their apartment. He wrote, "Matt's girlfriend, 'Sarah,' pretty much lives with us, despite not paying rent. I won't lie, she annoys me to no end. She's an entitled airhead who thinks the world revolves around her. Anyway, Satah has a 'condition' where she gets nauseous at the slightest smell and sight of certain foods."

Due to that condition, she became demanding regarding things about the kitchen. Sarah does not want OP to cook heavily spiced foods whenever she's around because she cannot take the smell. Her request troubled Forward_Society_2253, because he likes to cook Asian dishes. She wasn't even in the position to complain and command people since she was just a freeloader.

"Well, considering she doesn't pay rent and spends 18 hours a day at my home, I have not accommodated her at all. Last night, Sarah and Matt sat me down and told me I need to stop cooking because Sarah cannot stand it anymore," OP shared. "Apparently, she had a mental breakdown last week when I was cooking curry. She claims I am making our apartment a 'hostile environment' by ignoring her concerns. I told both of them to piss off until Sarah starts paying her share of the rent." But even when Sarah was clearly being petty, Matt took her side and said that he was also against OP's choices. The discussion turned into an argument that ended with the couple moving out.

Forward_Society_2253 may have lost Matt as a friend/roommate, but he was relieved the couple wouldn't live with him anymore. He knows he's right. But then his co-workers said that it was mean of him to do that, making him think twice. However, other Redditors backed him up and saw whose side was clearly wrong. "I wouldn't even stop if she was paying rent. People should be allowed to cook whatever they want in their own house," Blipblipbloop wrote. The majority of the comments had the same thoughts telling OP that he was completely reasonable. Sarah was the one who needed to do some growing up and maybe find a place of her own.

"NTA. I had a roommate who loved to cook mushrooms. That and some fish are the only 2 things I find repulsive. She never knew this because I never told her. I just went to my room," Overextended_baloon shared. "Who am I to tell a grown person what to make in their own kitchen? Does it suck? Yes! But I can always open a window in my room and burn some incense, geez!" Indeed, there are many things you can do to adjust for your comfort. You can even ask nicely if the smell overwhelms you so much. Roommates should give way to an extent, but not when the other is acting unreasonably. Various opinions are pointed out in the comment section, which makes the topic more engaging. You might want to join, especially if you have gone through a similar problem.

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