Rare Cat Born With Different Colored Eyes And Two Thumbs Finds Forever Home

Rare Cat Born With Different Colored Eyes And Two Thumbs Finds Forever Home

Sansa, a gorgeous white cat, has gained a lot of attention on social media and we can totally see why. Then six-year-old beauty has heterochromia, a rare condition that has resulted in the feline having two different colored eyes - one blue and one green.

But that is not the only thing that the cat seems to have going for her. The cat also has an extra finger which resulted in Sansa having thumbs. She's got a thumb on each of her front paws.

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Sansa was first discovered by an animal rescue in New York City, living as a stray. While she might have had a rough life, things did eventually turn around for her when she was adopted by her new owner, Karen.

The 33-year-old cat mom shared that she had adopted the adorable kitty, not for her looks, but because the timid feline was quite anxious and Karen felt she could use a win.

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According to Tyla, Karen had shared that the Sansa's foster family had wanted to adopt her, but because she suffers from anxiety, the little cat was almost always kept confined to her carrier. Because Sansa is such a nervous cat, Karen felt a kinship with her, seeing as Karen also has anxiety.

Karen had actually not seen Sansa before she volunteered to adopt her. When she arrived to pick her up, Karen was surprised to see that she actually had two different colored eyes as well as two extra toes.

For Sansa, the adjustment to her new home did take some time. The nervous little kitty hid most of the time, only venturing out in search of food. Sansa's behavior only grew odder after she came home. Karen noticed that Sansa would suddenly roll her back wildly, or would spend hours attacking her own tail.

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Karen recorded Sansa's strange behavior and showed it to the vet. Finally, after some tests, the little white kitty was officially diagnosed with Feline Hyperesthesia Disorder - a form of anxiety.

After she was diagnosed, Sansa was put on a variety of medications, none of which seemed to work. However, Karen tried some pet CBD oil, which seemed to help her. Since then, Karen noticed a change for the better in her pet.

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Today, Sansa is like a regular cat, constantly waking her owner up at 6 in the morning when she's hungry and just, in general, being the queen of the castle. Her sassy nature coupled with her striking looks has gotten her a lot of attention on her Instagram page. Karen is hoping that this platform can be a way for her and her cat to bring to attention to cats with special needs and the importance of adopting them and giving them a chance at life as well. And that is just what any cat deserves in life - a chance to be happy.

Anastasia Arellano

Anastasia is an American ex-pat living in Ireland. When she's not writing she can be found wandering the Irish countryside in search of inspiration. You can follow her writing adventures on Twitter @AnastasiaArell5 or Instagram @writeranastasia26

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