Beachgoers Panic After Shark Spotted Swimming Among Crowd

Beachgoers Panic After Shark Spotted Swimming Among Crowd

Many people fear being attacked by a shark when they go into the water, but we realize it is not likely to happen.

When we see footage of shark encounters, however, such as what was posted of the shark in the water near a large gathering of swimmers, it brings the fear out of them again.

The footage, which has since been deleted, is from Dongara, Western Australia. You can see the swimmers in the water, but more ominously, you can also see the shark's silhouette just a few yards away. The scary part is nobody had any idea it was there.

Finally, somebody recognized the shark and yelled a warning. The bathers started swimming as quickly as they could away from the area.

Many people who regularly go to the beach in that area are now concerned about their safety when they are in the water. According to the New York Post, even the uploader of the video, Rob Paxevanos, asked if there was a shark net at that beach. In his words, if there isn't a shark net, it is "stupidity and luck at its best."

They have not yet identified the type of shark in the video, but it may be a great white shark. They are known to be in the waters in western Australia and are one of the most feared sharks in the world.

This isn't the only sighting in the area and local authorities have told the public to be cautious and to be aware of what is taking place in the water when they are swimming in the sea.

An official warning was also issued by Surf Life-Saving Western Australia. They claim a spike in the number of sharks spotted in the area recently.

Perhaps awareness of this sighting will bring more attention to the need for shark nets in the area where swimmers regularly gather.

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