Rescue Cat Who Shut Down at Shelter, Opens Up in New Forever Home

Rescue Cat Who Shut Down at Shelter, Opens Up in New Forever Home

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Cinnamon is a striking, medium-haired tortie of 6 years old. She was living outdoors in South Florida for many years. Cinnamon always sought attention from her feeders, so they eventually decided it was time to rescue her. She was then sent up to Darbster Kitty in New Hampshire in July of 2020 to find her forever home.

However, upon her arrival at Darbster Kitty she became very distressed and shut down. She would hiss and spit at anyone who came near her, and was not the same friendly kitty she was in Florida. Her foster mom in Florida was shocked, as were we. It usually doesn't take a lot of time for these animals to warm up to us crazy cat people. We were starting to get concerned that the trip to New Hampshire pushed her back to the point of being feral, and that maybe she would not be happy as an indoor cat.

rescue kitty forever home Photo: Kelly Pellegrino

About a month later, one day in August, a woman with other kitties at home visited Cinnamon and decided she wanted to adopt her, regardless of how standoffish she was. Only a few days after being in her forever home, Cinnamon was coming out, wanting attention and love.

This is proof that no matter how shut down an animal may be in a shelter environment, a loving and patient home does exist for them to bloom in. Thank you for adopting Cinnamon and giving this beautiful girl the home she deserves.

Story submitted by Kelly Pellegrino.

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