Woman Shares 7 Signs Your Child Is Being Raised By Huskies

Woman Shares 7 Signs Your Child Is Being Raised By Huskies

When you have a dog in your home, they are more than just a houseguest, they are a member of the family. It isn't long before they have all of the privileges and rights of anyone in the home.

This includes your children, who also share in the household in much the same way. In fact, if you have the right breed of dog in your family, they may just grow up to be one and the same.

One person who knows this all too well is the mother of two huskies. Those dogs, Triton and Atlas, have taken over the home and in a large way, have taken over the Internet as well.

That Utah mother regularly shares videos on Instagram about raising her toddler daughter along with the huskies. In one particular video shared by The Dodo, she is sharing how to tell if your child is being raised by huskies, and it is so honest, it's hilarious.

She goes on to list 7 signs that your child is being raised by huskies. They include such things as howling with each other, sitting when they want a treat, playing fetch, having a pack mentality, and even loving the snow.

Kids love to pick up on the world around them and this includes picking up on the traits and behaviors of the family dog. In this case, it is huskies, so they have plenty of personality to go around.

The human mom also talks about the benefits of raising children with huskies. In actuality, raising a child with any dog has benefits.

Studies have shown that dogs help us with our mental health in more ways than one. When a child is raised around dogs, they are also more likely to love and appreciate dogs later in life.

For now, we get to enjoy these huskies and how they are rubbing off on one little girl. It's adorable, but we can't decide if it is the dogs or the toddler that makes it so cute.

You can keep up with Atlas, Triton, and their family on Instagram, @tailoftwohuskies.

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