Smiling Puppy Can't Help But Fall Asleep While Sitting Up

Smiling Puppy Can't Help But Fall Asleep While Sitting Up

When it hits you, it hits you.

Sometimes the thought of a nice nap is all it takes to nod off into dreamland. And thot goes double for sleepy young puppies.

Just ask this Golden Retriever.

This pup is so tired, he begins falling asleep while sitting straight up. And this video is so adorable, it's been seen more than 80,000 times since it was first posted to the account, Instagram/retrieverloverz.

This dog is happy enough to let a smile sho. He's getting pets, after all. But it's too much to withstand the pull of sleepiness. Within seconds, his head lists off to the side and he is snoozing.

The face of a very sleepy puppy. Source: Instagram/retrieverloverz
The face of a very sleepy puppy.

"I just want 1 !! Or 2, or 3, or 4?" commented konendenise.

"Goldens Rule 👍🏻" wrote robertatertzakian.

This smiling pup can't withstand the pull of sleep. Source: Instagram/retrieverloverz
This smiling pup can't withstand the pull of sleep.

"Sooooo precious & adorable!❤️❤️❤️" wrote snowball4331.

Going...going... Source: Instagram/retrieverloverz

"What a beautiful sleepy baby," commented sambanditsmama.

"Omg I can’t!! Cute overload! 💕" wrote bernecedicarlo.

...and he's gone. Source: Instagram/retrieverloverz
...and he's gone.

"Adorable ,,, such a sweet puppy. ❤😍🤗😘🐾🐶" wrote jane.abbey.

"Let the boy sleep!" pleaded nsta.k8.

Have you ever tried to stay awake when every atom of your body wants to doze off? It's not easy. And anyway, sleep is critical to a healthy life, right?

Maybe this dog knows what it's doing after all. He just wants to make sure he's in healthy shape for the next day of play. You can't run and chase without energy, after all.

When you put it that way, a nap doesn't sound like that bad of an idea. Maybe it's time to dim the lights, pull the curtains, and take a nice, quiet...zZZzz...

Or maybe, just watch one more time.

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