Want to Own One of the Smartest Dogs in the World? Here's a List of Their Breeds!

Want to Own One of the Smartest Dogs in the World? Here's a List of Their Breeds!

Of course, everybody wants a smart dog!

We want to be able to teach them various tricks, train them for emergency situations, and have them be great companions at home, doing things like watching over our kids as we prepare dinner.

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If your family wants a highly-intelligent dog, here's a list of the world's smartest dog breeds:

  1. German Shepherd. Intelligence, loyalty, courage, and confidence are the foremost qualities of this breed, making the German Shepherd among the most beloved dogs in the world. They are also patient, hard-working, and easy to train. Owing to these traits, this breed is often preferred to be a companion animal for people with disabilities. When it comes to being a nanny dog, a German Shepherd is a natural. This dog loves being with kids and is very protective of young children.
  2. Poodle. A poodle looks aristocratic but is a great companion for all times, whether it's the Standard, Miniature, or Toy type. This dog is athletic, curious, and very smart. It is also fond of kids, whom it treats with gentleness and patience. A poodle is also the right company for people with allergies, because it does not shed hair as much as other dogs. And yes, a poodle is one of the easiest dogs to train but it does also need regular exercise.
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  4. Pug. This is a highly intelligent, charming dog who is fond of imitating its owner's behavior. When it comes to children, a pug loves playing with them and participating in various games. A pug is very curious; that is why it can easily get bored. Having another dog, or even a cat, around is a good stimulus for your pug, who is suited for life in the city or countryside.
  5. Rottweiler. Hardworking, loyal, and obedient to its owner. These are characteristics that define the Rottweiler. This dog is also very smart and attentive, but you need to exercise and groom it regularly. Once you give a Rottweiler a task, you can be sure that this dog will fulfill it to the best of its abilities. As a family pet, it also excels as a gentle companion and powerful protector. This breed is also admirable for enduring pain without complaint.
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  7. Papillon. Beautiful, athletic, smart, and alert are the primary qualities of this breed. With its lovely ears that look like butterfly wings, this dog is easily recognizable from a distance. A papillon is a "professional" watchdog that can also be trained to be a sweet, loyal companion for kids. What is more, this dog easily adapts to any environment.
  8. Bearded Collie. If you have an active lifestyle, this smart and energetic dog will suit you. Known for its skills in herding cattle and sheep, a Bearded Collie's decision-making skills, obedience, and deep sense of loyalty are exactly what your family needs. They are also great with kids and other dogs who are likewise fond of playing and other fun-filled activities. Yes, this dog breed is easy to train but, due to its nature, it does need regular exercise and ample attention.
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  10. Cocker Spaniel. Loving, trustworthy, playful, hardworking, and smart define this dog breed. People also appreciate this dog for being good with kids and for its ability to adapt quickly to its environment. The Cocker Spaniel is also known for being an excellent athlete; it is the smallest sporting spaniel for the American Kennel Club.
  11. Labrador Retriever. Children just love this breed! A Labrador Retriever is very affectionate and friendly toward people and other animals. Its intelligence is coupled with patience and gentleness, which owners with young kids especially appreciate. This high-spirited dog breed is skilled in rescue missions; that is why you can expect to have no problem with its training. As a matter of fact, a Labrador can teach itself by imitating its owner's activities.
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  13. Golden Retriever. This breed's intelligence is amazing, with the ability to memorize over 200 commands. It is skillful in hunting and accomplishes every one of its owner's instructions. Yes, a Golden Retriever is so obedient and caring that you can often trust it with your kids. This breed is often preferred as a guide for blind people and to aid in rescue operations. At home, you can count on a Golden Retriever's enthusiasm to learn new things and engage in various games to keep your family happy and entertained.
  14. Yorkshire Terrier. This smart dog is loved by people of all ages. And that love is not just for this breed's silky, long-haired coat but especially for its qualities like loyalty, courage, independence, and tenacity. Moreover, despite its amazing coat, this breed is suitable for people with allergies, since its coat is more similar to human hair than a dog's fur. If you're looking for a smart and loving companion, a Yorkshire Terrier is among your best choices.


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