Millions of Hearts Were Captivated by Soldiers at Fort Bragg Singing “My Girl”

Millions of Hearts Were Captivated by Soldiers at Fort Bragg Singing “My Girl”

With 6.5 million views on Facebook, this video of Fort Bragg soldiers singing "My Girl" a capella keeps on winning hearts on social media!

The soldiers belong to the 82nd Airborne Division, and they find pleasure in singing for friends when they have some free time.

 width= Photo: Facebook Video/82nd Airborne Division Association

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According to Kara Hall, a parachute rigger, she sometimes requests that the men sing. "When they are around, I ask. Sometimes they have time to sing for us, sometimes they don’t; you just have to catch enough of them together and ask. We are all down-to-earth people living our best lives, in the sky!"

In this instance, the soldiers were waiting at the military base for their turn to jump out of a helicopter when they started singing while in full gear. Their rendition of the classic song "My Girl" quickly spread sweet romantic air on the internet, with views reaching into the millions in a short span of time.

 width= Photo: Facebook Video/82nd Airborne Division Association

"My Girl" was first recorded by the Temptations and became a hit in 1965. It's such an inspiring, soulful song that has been revived many times as the years went by. Among those famous groups who did their own rendition of "My Girl" were the Rolling Stones, Boyce Avenue, and Westlife.

It also became the theme song of the 1991 movie "My Girl," starring Anna Chlumsky and Macaulay Culkin, along with Jamie Lee Curtis and Dan Aykroyd. The movie was a box office hit.

 width= Photo: Facebook Video/82nd Airborne Division Association

Meanwhile, the soldiers' second home at Fort Bragg in North Carolina is the world's biggest military base. Home of the Airborne and Special Operations Forces, the base is proud of its 82nd Airborne Division All-American Band and Chorus, which provides music to Fort Bragg and local communities.

Part of their mission is to share with others truths by "Telling the Army Story," which gives support to soldiers, their families, and the community. Among the musical services the 82ND ABN DIV "ALL-AMERICAN" BAND AND CHORUS offers are ceremonial band, rock ensemble and concert band, woodwind quintet, brass quintet, jazz, and all-American chorus.

Watch this viral, romantic video!

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