Hunters Spot Rare "Spirit Bear" In Michigan Forest

Hunters Spot Rare "Spirit Bear" In Michigan Forest

Spotting a bear in the wild is an exciting and sometimes unexpected event. Spotting a Spirit Bear, however, is something to remember.

Recently, a hunting company spotted such a rare bear rummaging through some bait they left behind. The bear was not harmed.

Typically, this type of bear, which is a white black bear, is seen in the Great Bear Rainforest of British Columbia, Canada. According to the North American Bear Center, the white black bears are also known as Kermode bears and are a subtype of a black bear with a different coloring.

Only about 10% of the black bear population in the area has the recessive gene that would result in lighter-colored fur. When they have two parents with the recessive gene, there is a possibility that a spirit bear will be born.

It is estimated that there are between 100 and 500 spirit bears in the wild, which makes them an endangered species.

Although they are typically found along the coast of British Columbia, Canada, this bear was spotted along a trail in Michigan.

Unfortunately, FOX 2 Detroit reports that the bear is believed to have been killed. There's speculation that wolves killed the large mammal, though the Department of Natural Resources hasn't officially confirmed its presence in Michigan nor its cause of death.

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