Man Shoots Down All of His Wife's Ideas for Baby Names

Man Shoots Down All of His Wife's Ideas for Baby Names

We are going to have to make a lot of decisions in life, and one of the biggest decisions we will have to make is choosing the name of our child. After all, it isn't just a decision that affects us, it will affect the child for the rest of their life.

At times, this decision is relatively easy, such as when you name the baby after the father or another family member. At other times, however, the mother and father can argue over the name of the baby, and this happens more often than not.

That is what one man experienced, and he went on Reddit to discuss it. He wanted to know if he was in the wrong for giving his wife a hard time about the name of their upcoming child.

He starts off by letting his audience know that it was their first child. They also decided not to know the sex of the baby until the child was born.

Now that they are to the point where they are discussing names, he realizes that they don't see eye to eye. His wife tends to like names that are unique, to say the least, but he feels that they are silly and tacky.

Getting Crazy with Baby Names

For example, she considered the following names and thought he might like them:

Girl: Fern, Fennix, Rhodes, Faun, Brixtyn, and Kinley

Boy: Spark, Diesel, Quincy, Phoenix, Buck, and Fox

If you think those names are strange, he says that they are a lot tamer than what she previously suggested. He told her that they didn't feel right and suggested more traditional names, such as Rose or Felix.

The last straw came when she suggested the name Zoomer. He lost his temper and told her it was a stupid name, but she got upset.

He explained that it seemed like she was naming a dog rather than naming a child and expressed how the name of a child could have an impact on them for life. He was trying to keep the child from being bullied because of a 'ridiculous' name.

His wife said that he was rude and called him a bully before crying and going to bed. They slept it off, and the next day, he apologized to her for acting that way.

His Wife Opens Up

She then opened up about how she had a common name and there were always multiples in school, and she didn't want the same thing for their child. Her husband didn't have that problem, so he couldn't understand.

There were many suggestions given as to what they could do to name the child and to be agreeable to it. This included using an app for looking at their family tree.

Let's just hope they get this one straightened out, because it could be a point of contention for years to come.

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