Good Samaritan Saves Mother And Daughter After Car Crash

Good Samaritan Saves Mother And Daughter After Car Crash

A mother-daughter duo in Minnesota is searching for a mysterious Good Samaritan who saved their lives.

According to Valley News Live, Minnesota has been pelted with heavy snowstorms, strong wind, and slick roads in recent days, making for unsafe driving conditions.

A duo who knows this all too well is Jenny Zimbelman and her daughter, Jazmine. They were driving near East Grand Forks when Jenny lost control of the vehicle and hit a snow drift causing the vehicle to roll onto its side.

Unfortunately, Jenny and Jazmine became trapped in the vehicle. Speaking with Valley News Live, Jenny said that Jazmine was "above me, still in her seatbelt. Hanging on so she doesn't fall on me."

She recalled how it felt like forever while they sat there, trapped in the wrecked car, watching car after car drive past them without stopping.

Not only were they worried about the lack of help that was coming, but they were also worried someone else would be victim to the weather and crash into their overturned car!

Things were bleak, but suddenly, a stranger appeared atop their car and began helping them climb out. They didn't get the stranger's name before he took off but they're hoping he comes forward so they can properly thank him.

It's amazing how far a small act of kindness can go; so many people were driving past Jenny's car without stopping but it just took one Good Samaritan to get them to safety.

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