Ugly' Dog Gets Ignored on the Street Until a Kind Person Comes Along

Ugly' Dog Gets Ignored on the Street Until a Kind Person Comes Along

There is a saying that 'Every dog deserves his day.' That is also true of the dog in this story, who had his day despite all odds.

When they first met this little dog on the street, he would try to run away from humans. When a rescuer finally got close enough to him, he even tried to bite them.

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Nobody wanted anything to do with this little abandoned dog because he was not the perfect-looking animal. Many people considered him to be ugly, and he also suffered from scabies and dehydration.

It Took Time to Trust

When this little dog was rescued, it took some time before he began to trust anyone. He was afraid of humans and confused, but his rescuers slowly tried to make friends with him.

It took a few days, but one of the rescuers started to get close to him. He would even let that rescuer touch him, but nobody else could get close.

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Two weeks after he was rescued, they took him to the veterinarian again. After receiving treatment, his skin was getting better, and he was no longer worried about where he would find food.

The rescuer he selected was now his best friend, and he had accepted her as his owner. They are very happy with each other.

They knew that there was a long treatment ahead for the little rescued dog, and they wondered what his life would be like if he was still on the street.

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Fortunately, he is no longer on the street, and they even named him Freddie. Now that three months have passed, he is fully recovered and ready for a forever home.

You can see Freddie's story in this video:

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