Stray Dog With Jar Stuck On Her Head Finally Learns What It's Like To Feel Loved

Stray Dog With Jar Stuck On Her Head Finally Learns What It's Like To Feel Loved

Anyone who has a dog in their life realizes they can get into some strange predicaments. The same is also true for stray dogs, but there is a difference.

Once a stray finds themselves in a sticky situation, they don't have the help available at all times. Sometimes, they just need to live with the situation until something changes.

This was recently seen in Guam when a stray dog wandered around with a jar stuck on her head. This wasn't something that came and went quickly.

According to The Dodo, Winnie the dog had been walking around with that jar on her head for a long time. She couldn't eat or drink, so she needed some help. That is when Bonnie Flight Project stepped in to help.

The volunteers were able to catch Winnie and thankfully, she was a sweet dog. After catching her, they needed to find the best way to remove the bucket from her head.

When they tried, it popped off very easily. This allowed Winnie to move around and she could finally eat and drink.

Fortunately, Winnie didn't have any major health issues aside from being very skinny and dehydrated. She still had a problem with trusting humans, which made life hard for her.

It isn't that she didn't want to be around people. Her entire body would wiggle when she was around humans, but she was shy.

Thankfully, her foster family had patience and a lot of love to show. They kept Winnie for over two months before she was ready for a forever home.

Today, Winnie lives in the United States on a farm. A kind soul named Mary took her in and now, she lives the best life with other animals in a very peaceful setting.

Check out the video below:

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