Sweet Pup "Bringer" Needs a Reprieve From Shelter Noise ASAP

Sweet Pup "Bringer" Needs a Reprieve From Shelter Noise ASAP

Pima Animal Care Center

Meet Bringer, a sweet pibble that's not quite 3 years old and weighs approximately 60 pounds. Bringer is neutered and current on vaccinations, but that's the boring stuff. The people who know Bringer best have far more interesting things to say about this handsome fella. For instance, shelter staff at Pima Animal Care Center in Tucson had this to say about him:

Bringer is kind of an odd name, isn't it? It definitely begs the question of what exactly he's bringing… Well, the answer is simple. This happy young guy will bring companionship, love, and happiness into your life! Sounds pretty good to me! So really, the question is what will you be bringing to the table? If the answer is a loving home for this VGB (that's Very Good Boy), then Bringer is on board!

Bringer spent some time in a foster home where he reportedly did well with the other resident dogs and with kids. While in the shelter, Bringer has done well with kennel mates and was playful with other dogs during his most recent behavioral evaluation. He kept to himself at first but warmed up quickly.

Bringer is a favorite of many volunteers. Here’s what a few of them had to say about him:

Animal Shelter Volunteers

"Bringer is a little sparkplug of a guy with a lot of energy to burn. He's fun and playful and does enjoy a good scritch and some human affection. He's had several kennel mates and has been tolerant with them, and he's a big fan of toys. He's a super cute short stack with a lot of energy and love to give. An active family would be perfect for him and perhaps a doggo playmate that he gets to meet first to ensure it's a good fit. Fun guy, I really enjoy him!"

"Bringer is a handsome hunk who definitely needs to get out of the shelter. Once he's in a home and can relax a bit, he'll be a happy, fun companion. He's very friendly and affectionate and loves to put his front paws on your lap and give kisses. Away from the shelter and all the noise, Bringer is calm and sweet and walks well on leash. He definitely struggles with the noise and stress of the shelter, but I think he will decompress fairly quickly in a healthier environment. Great little guy who will make someone very lucky!"

"I took Bringer out for the first time as he just returned from his foster home. He was a bit nervous with all the surrounding dogs making a ruckus. I took him to a play yard and let him wander. After about five minutes, he came over to me and accepted a treat, and he then climbed into my lap and gave me kisses. He's a shy boy at first (overwhelmed to be back in the shelter), but quite delightful and affectionate."

Adoptable Dogs

Poor Bringer has been at the shelter since July 05, 2022, and he's so ready to go home today! If you are interested in adopting him or know of someone who might be, please email pacc.adopt@pima.gov with any questions. He's in Kennel D033, and his ID# is A782576.

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