Diver Demonstrates Why Swimming Away From A Shark Is A Bad Idea

Diver Demonstrates Why Swimming Away From A Shark Is A Bad Idea

If you spend any time in the water, you realize that sharks are something you want to avoid. Sure, some divers make it their life's ambition to get close to sharks, but most of us want to head in the opposite direction.

If we are in the water and a shark approaches, our first instinct would be to get away from the situation as quickly as possible. However, that might be the worst thing you could do, according to one TikTok enthusiast.

As a professional shark diver, Adriana Marina understands what it's like to be around jaws. She doesn't have a fear of sharks, at least not an unhealthy fear and she has lived to tell the tale.

In a video she shared on TikTok, she swims away from a tiger shark that is following her from afar. She narrates the clip, letting us know why the Tiger shark was following her.

She said that she is swimming away from the tiger shark but the shark continues to follow her. It is because the shark gets curious when you swim away, as it signals that you are either something to be chased or even their next dinner.

You can watch the shark getting closer to Adriana in the video.

Fortunately, Adriana knew just what to do. She lets us know what to do as well.

"The best thing to do in this scenario is to stand your ground and make eye contact with the shark."

The video shows her turning around to face the shark and stare it down. Suddenly, the tiger shark veers away and heads in another direction.

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Adriana speaks about how the shark lost interest in her when she stopped swimming away.

She also has other advice, including only swimming with sharks if you are with a trained diver.

Good advice, Adriana!

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