An Injured Elderly Woman Was Saved by Heroes with a Taxi Cab

An Injured Elderly Woman Was Saved by Heroes with a Taxi Cab

On May 12, in an apartment on Christchurch Road, Malvern, a 92-year-old woman slipped on the bathroom floor and injured her head. Barbara Barrett’s son-in-law took action and called for a rescue ambulance. Unfortunately, he was told that the ambulance might not arrive for another five hours. Waiting for five hours would aggravate the emergency, as Barbara had a cut on the back of her head and could not even be lifted up off the floor.

Barbara’s son-in-law tried to pick her up but to no avail. "At this point, he called me; l live near Windsor in Berkshire,” says Susy Adams, Barbara’s daughter. With how grave the emergency was and amidst panic, Susy was able to contact a VIP taxi company to acquire help. Thankfully, the taxi drivers were quick to their feet and took action to attend to the emergency.

"Their response was truly wonderful; l gave them the address, and within 5 minutes, two gentlemen arrived at mum's, where they promptly helped my mother to her chair,” Susy shared. “I cannot thank them enough for their amazing kindness. They refused payment of any kind and have since inquired about mum's recovery.”

According to Worcester News, the taxi cab drivers were not allowed to bring Barbara to the hospital because an ambulance was already on the way. The rescue ambulance arrived at 4:30 the following morning. Nevertheless, Susy was still immensely grateful for the two cab drivers she deemed true heroes worth the recognition. She was thankful that they wholeheartedly gave assistance by picking up Barbara from the bathroom floor.

Due to the incident, the taxi drivers became their family friends. The heroes with a taxi kept in touch with Barbara to know how she was doing. Their kindness did not just stop that day. They weren’t just good Samaritans — the taxi drivers from Malvern became heroic icons and exemplary citizens.

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