Floating City Is Being Built In The Maldives

Floating City Is Being Built In The Maldives

Sea levels may be rising but that certainly hasn't stopped the flow of human ingenuity.

When you stop to think about the future of many island nations, some of which are already feeling the effects of climate change, coming up with an idea to help move into the future is one that should not be underestimated.

It seems as if the Maldives are already preparing for this inevitability. In 2022, they are breaking ground with a rather unusual construction project. It isn't your typical project that is created on solid ground, it is the construction of a floating city.

When you think about what the Maldives Floating City brings to the table, you can really see that it will help with many of the problems associated with increasing population and reduced landmass.

The planning process actually began many years ago. Dutch Docklands worked along with the Maldives and Waterstudio, an architectural firm, to make this city a reality. When it is finally complete, up to 20,000 people will find housing on this floating island. It can be reached from Male by boat within 10 minutes.

The water where the island is to be located is relatively protected. The connected grid that will bring everything together is both floating and flexible, allowing for the movement of the water to take place without harming the new property that is being created. They will even grow coral reefs to help harmonize with the natural environment.

Once the island property is finished, you can expect to find everything that is necessary to enjoy a fulfilling life.

This includes restaurants and shops, along with schools, houses, and everything else you can imagine. With a price tag of $250,000 or more, it is hoped that even local citizens will be able to access this property.

Along with the prospect of having a floating city in the area, they are also hoping that the additional land will reduce the existing problem of overpopulation. That problem is going to be even more pronounced as sea levels rise and the amount of landmass on the island itself reduces.

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