Person With Hearing Loss Disappointed To Learn That Clouds Don't Make Noise

Person With Hearing Loss Disappointed To Learn That Clouds Don't Make Noise

Growing up with decent hearing, you grow accustomed to what makes noise and what doesn't. It's second nature.

If you had to learn all the things that make noise and don't make noise as an adult, it'd probably be overwhelming. From the typing sounds of nails on a keyboard to the sound of feet rustling through grass, subtle everyday noises are all around us.

When Milo, who also goes by Clover, put hearing aids in for the first time as an adult, they were overwhelmed the noises they heard.

They shared on TikTok that they struggle with mental illness and autism. While they've always had some hearing loss, it wasn't until they were an adult that they decided to try hearing aids out for the first time.

After getting hearing aids in April, Milo started a TikTok series called "Things I didn’t know made noise."

Check out the video to get an idea of some things they heard: Today has been a wild ride of oh my god everything makes noise #hehim #disability #disabilitytiktok #disabled #hardofhearing #hardofhearingtiktok #deaf #hearingaids ♬ original sound - Milo🇮🇪

In a follow-up video, Milo shard "things they thought made noise but don't."

"The first one is clouds. I thought clouds made a cross between like, a swishy, an ocean and a wind noise, and they don't," they said.

"I thought the sun made noise. But the reason I thought that is because, you know the phrase, 'the sun is beating down on us'? I thought the sun made like a beating noise and the hotter it was, the louder the beat was," they added.

Milo admitted in the comments that they can hear well enough to live without hearing aids or sign language, but the added sounds of the hearing aids are really something special. Replying to @jadeprince83 #disabled #disabledtiktok #disability #disabilitytiktok #hardofhearing #hardofhearingtiktok #hardofhearingandproud #deaf #deaftiktok #hearingaids #hearingaidsgang #hehim #cripplepunk ♬ original sound - Milo🇮🇪

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