Pieces of Advice People in Their Early 30s Should Know and Practice in Life

Pieces of Advice People in Their Early 30s Should Know and Practice in Life

They say that age is just a number, but it's inevitable to feel overwhelmed when it keeps going up. Every birthday reminds you that you are closer to an age where your goals should've already been fulfilled. This mostly happens during the late 20s — the pressure of turning thirty builds up. It's a significant shift in your life, especially when you had the most amazing time in your 20s. But in your 30s, you must find the balance between having fun and taking life seriously. That's why it's overwhelming and scary — you don't know what's waiting for you. It was never taught at school. No one is ever prepared for the changes it will bring to your life.

Yes, turning thirty can be quite terrifying, but if others can pull through, you can also do it. There's a reason why your 20s are the learning phase in your life — those lessons are meant to be applied as you reach thirty. If you feel like you aren't ready enough, it's best to listen to those who have experienced it already. Thankfully, social media pages share advice that will help you feel less terrified for the future. One person even opened a discussion on LPT Request with the question, "I am turning 30 soon, any advice you wish you had known?"

Acceptable-Guide2299 shared that he spent most of his 20s with exciting and youthful adventures. Being close to thirty has enlightened him that it’s time to act like a real adult. Redditors gladly gave pieces of advice that weren’t only for OP but also for all those in their late 20s and early 30s.

Life Investment

Saving money for retirement is still feasible at your age. Do not hesitate to apply for insurance or open a bank account to secure the future. This is the wisest decision you could make, mainly when starting a family, because financial stability is important when you have children around you. "Invest in your retirement, the money you put in now is more important than the money you put in later. If you wait til you can 'afford' it, it may be too late. Compound interest is amazing, but it takes decades to build it up," umassmza wrote. You must be more financially wise at your age, as it will determine your situation in the future.

Internet Argument

Social media is for all ages, but internet arguments will waste your time. Broadside02195 answered, "Nothing is worth arguing on the internet. If someone or something pisses you off, just block them/it and move on." Even when they think they have the last say in things, those people are not worth your energy. It only creates unnecessary drama and hinders you from finding peace of mind at thirty. If the comment or message doesn't necessarily impact your life, then choose peace above all. Also, not only on the internet but even in real life, it can be immensely draining, which is not an excellent way to enter your 30s.

Wellness First

Getting older means your body is more susceptible to diseases. You need to move more to stay fit and choose healthier options regarding your diet. "Start exercising and adjusting your diet now to keep you healthier as you age. Keep your mind active. Be sure to spend time with friends, even if you or they are busy. As we age, we tend to lose touch with friends, and new friends are harder to find as you age," DungeonMaster24 suggested. Part of maintaining your health is reaching out to those you love. Friends and family are huge contributors to your mental health, mainly when you express love and care for one another.

Something New

Life should never be stagnant — people must make changes to learn more. Never be afraid to move to another city, visit new places, mingle with new people, apply for another job, or find a new hobby. That is the meaning of soul searching — discovering pieces of yourself in various experiences you engage with in life. "Keep trying new things, meet new people, go new places. Adventures throughout life keep your mind open to new ideas. Nothing worse than a curmudgeon griping, 'That's not how we used to do it.' Minds are like parachutes, they work best when open," PanSmithe advised.

Seek Self-Validation

You will never thoroughly enjoy life if you focus on what other people say or think about you. Never let their negative comments affect how you handle life unless it's a genuine concern. You are at a beautiful phase where you can do anything if you put your mind to it. "Don't pursue praise or acknowledgment from other people. Instead, pursue excellence at the things you care about, and that will give you satisfaction and bring happiness," dabirds1994 commented.

Do not let the words "it's too late" or "you're not that young anymore" hinder you from living your best life. Your 20s is a ten-year trial that will make your 30s somehow bearable. Thirty is not that old yet — you are still on the way to much greater things. Instead of asking to stop time, why not be grateful for another year to do something you love? Invest in yourself more and ensure you'll be extra attentive to your needs. And if you are in your 30s already, what advice can you give to OP and those who need your wise words? Write your thoughts now in the comment section!

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