Sweet Toddler Becomes BFFs With A Giant Frog

Sweet Toddler Becomes BFFs With A Giant Frog

There comes a point for most people with kids when the topic of pets comes up. Pets are a huge responsibility, and despite what children may say, that responsibility lies with the parents who agree to bring an animal home.

While most kids ask for cuddly animals like cats, dogs, bunnies, or hamsters, others ask for less usual pets like rats, reptiles, or amphibians.

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A two-year-old girl really wanted a tree frog and though that may not sound like a very cuddly or affectionate pet, it proved to be the perfect companion.

According to the Independent, two-year-old Juliana Allon asked her mother, Brandie Allon, for a white tree frog that was at a pet store in Panama City, Florida.

The frog had allegedly been given up by its previous owner and was put up for sale in the store.

Brandie ended up agreeing to bring the frog home, and the two have been nearly inseparable ever since! Taking to Facebook, Brandie made a post to welcome George into the family. On August 30, 2022, she wrote: "Today we welcome George Allon to the family. He is a white tree frog, and so loved!"

George and Juliana watch TV together, and eat breakfast together, they even go on walks together. Brandie has shared snippets of George and Juliana together on Facebook and it's so sweet to see!

Around a week after bringing George home, Brandie's mom revealed that Juliana had made it a habit of running to check on George the frog first thing when she woke up.

While some kids might get bored of a pet after some weeks had passed, Juliana continued to love on George. Brandie said, "Her pet frog is so loved by her. I think when she is grown she will still be talking about her pet frog."

Back in November, she shared photos of Juliana gently holding George. She captioned the photos: "Juliana loves her Baby frog so much. We had to have a talk about not kissing the frog."

How cute!

Juliana even started including George the frog in her play by setting up in her dollhouse:

Frogs may not be the most reputable pet for a child to have, but it seems to be the perfect choice for young Juliana. Hopefully the two continue to be BFFs for years to come.

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