Brave Turtle Hitches A Ride On The Back Of An Alligator

Brave Turtle Hitches A Ride On The Back Of An Alligator

A travel blogger named Jef has seen a lot throughout his years of traveling. Recently, he was enjoying all that Florida has during a trip to Tampa.

In true Florida fashion, Jef stumbled upon a bizarre scene unfolding in a pond. A turtle was riding an alligator "like it's a horse."

Jef managed to snap a photo of the brave turtle and shared it on his Facebook page, Traveling with Jef.

He captioned the photo: "You know you're in #florida when you see a turtle riding a gator around a pond like it's a horse."

After being shared on Facebook, people were quick to chime in. "Florida hitch hikers," one person commented. " Gotta love Florida," another added.

In a statement to Fox 35 News, Jef said: "I was laughing because it just seemed like such a Florida thing."

He added that the turtle eventually hopped off the alligator, who was estimated to be around 10 feet long, in favor of a log.

According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, alligators are opportunistic feeders and eat turtles, along with rough fish, snakes, small mammals, and birds.

What a brave turtle!

Malorie Thompson

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