Violinist's Mesmerizing Park Performance Draws Unexpected Turtle Audience

Violinist's Mesmerizing Park Performance Draws Unexpected Turtle Audience

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Musicians often dream of captivating audiences with their performances. For violinist Zac Clejan, that dream took an unexpected twist when he played for an audience of turtles in a Los Angeles park.

Clejan, a seasoned violinist with 27 years of experience, decided to record himself playing by a pond in his favorite park. As he began to play, a lone turtle appeared, which inspired him to continue.

To his surprise, more turtles surfaced, creating an unusual yet attentive audience.

Clejan shared his experience with The Dodo, stating, "I've never experienced animals reacting to my music like that in real time." He expressed his joy at this unexpected connection with the turtles.

Photo: Pexels
Violinist Zac Clejan attracts turtles with his music in a park.


The Magic of Music in Nature

Clejan's performance quickly became a social media sensation. He posted videos of his turtle serenades on TikTok, where they went viral, Parade Pets reports. His followers were enchanted by the sight of turtles enjoying his violin music. The videos garnered over a million likes and six million views, making it one of his most popular posts. One particular video showed Clejan playing "Crazy Train" by Ozzy Osbourne.

This cover seemed to have a special appeal, drawing numerous turtles to the surface to listen. The phenomenon intrigued many, prompting discussions about turtles' auditory capabilities.

Turtles are known to have decent hearing, capable of detecting frequencies around 500Hz, which aligns well with the range of a violin, Parade Pets reports.


A Unique Audience

Clejan's performances for the turtles were more than just viral videos; they were moments of genuine connection between a musician and wildlife. "It was really cool and made me happy to connect with them in that way," Clejan told The Dodo.

He has returned to the park several times, continuing to play for his newfound audience. The turtles seem to welcome his music each time, much to Clejan's delight. "I plan to play for them a lot more," he said.

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Clejan's impromptu performance went viral on social media.


While some viewers suggested that the turtles might be mistaking the music for food, Clejan believes there is more to their reaction. "Whether that's the case or not, it sure feels like they stick around to hear the music," he said.

Turtles living in areas frequented by humans might become accustomed to human presence and sounds, making them less likely to hide and more inclined to explore unusual noises, Parade Pets reports.

Photo: Pexels
The turtles' reaction to his violin playing was unexpected.
@thetrapviolinist Replying to @jesseleedakota_rt the turtles yearn for espresso #sabrinacarpenter #violin #foryou ♬ original sound - Clejan🎻

The Power of Serendipity

Clejan's turtle performances are a testament to the unexpected joys of life. What began as a simple recording session turned into a viral sensation and a unique bond with nature.

As Clejan continues to play for his shelled audience, he brings joy to both his online followers and the turtles. His performances have become a delightful intersection of music and nature, enchanting viewers worldwide.

To witness Clejan's magical performances, you can find him on Instagram. His videos not only showcase his talent but also the unique bond he has formed with these unlikely fans.

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