Unchain Django by Giving Him a Forever Home

Unchain Django by Giving Him a Forever Home

Pima Animal Care Center

Okay, so he's not exactly chained, but he doesn't have the liberty of leaving the Pima Animal Care Center in Tucson until a forever person comes along. After all, we can't have him wandering the streets again. This is what the shelter staff at PACC had to say about this sweet boy.

Django has a backstory that will really surprise you...just kidding. He was a stray like so many of our other wonderful PACC pups. Where do they all come from?? We wish Django could tell us his story, but we haven't bridged the human/dog language barrier just yet. Here's what we do know - life as a stray probably wasn't easy, and Django would much prefer living in a home. Seems like a fair request!! Here's what some of Django's volunteer pals had to say about him:

Adoptable Shelter Dogs

"Django has become one of my favorite dogs to walk. While he might pull a bit at first (I mean, who wouldn't want to get out of a small space and stretch their legs?), he settles into a nice walk. He's an athletic guy and likes to "parkour" on the big blocks in the front of the shelter. I think training him would be fun and rewarding since he is treat motivated and eager to please. Django is also an affectionate guy who leans in for rubs and scritches. Gorgeous, smart, athletic - Django is the full package!"

"Django...AWESOME boy! Django is still a young pup. He's energetic and doesn't show especially well in his kennel. Unfortunately, that's where most adopters judge a dog. I've walked Django numerous times and have gotten to know him well. I took him on a field trip today, and offsite, he's a different dog! We visited several locations, and he did great with everyone he met. In fact, he was a star!!! In my opinion, Django has so much potential and just needs a chance to prove himself."

"Django was an absolute pleasure to walk this morning. He was eager to go out but kept all his paws on the ground. He loves treats, which he took with a soft mouth. We sat at a ramada in the park, and he leaned in for petting and gave me kisses. Django made great eye contact and seemed to enjoy being with me. Such a sweet boy!"

"Such a sweetie pie, and he has the most beautiful amber eyes! Can't say enough about him other than it makes no sense that he hasn't been adopted yet. He's friendly, energetic, good on a leash, and loves attention, which is what he needs most. That and a welcoming person or family to work with him and return his love."

If you can help Django learn all about life in a loving home, he would love to leave PACC with you today. Django would like to meet any resident dogs before heading home to make sure it's a good fit, though. Please ask about him and/or share his info with as many people as you can to help facilitate his adoption that much faster.

Django is neutered, weighs approximately 55 pounds, and the shelter staff thinks he's about 1 year and 8 months old. He's been at the shelter since September 29, 2022, and is sooooo ready to go home!

If you are interested in adopting Django, please email pacc.adopt@pima.gov for an adoption application or additional questions. He's in Kennel D040, and his ID# is A790212.

Rebecca West

Rebecca is a writer and editor for both print and digital with a love for travel, history, archaeology, trivia, and architecture. Much of her writing has focused on human and animal health and welfare. A life-long pet owner, she has taken part in fostering dogs for military members during deployment and given many rescued and surrendered dogs the forever home they always wanted. Her two favorite canine quotes are, "Be the kind of person your dog thinks you are," and "My dog rescued me."

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