Ursela the Homeless Rescue Dog is No Sea Witch

Ursela the Homeless Rescue Dog is No Sea Witch

Pima Animal Care Center

Just in time for The Little Mermaid remake comes Ursela, the sweet little rescue currently under the care of the Pima Animal Care Center in Southern Arizona. In fact, Ursela didn't want to be confused with the antagonist from the popular film, so she changed the spelling of her name just a bit. Not that you were likely to get the two confused… one is a tentacled sea witch, and the other is a perky-eared pooch, but better safe than sorry!

Ursela is a young athletic gal who will do well in a home where she'll get plenty of walks and playtime (plus plenty of cuddles, obviously). Here's what one volunteer had to say about her:

"Today was my first day walking Ursela. Boy, oh boy, is she full of life! This bundle of energy hadn't yet been on a walk that day, and she clearly could not wait to get outside and run around. I had no problems leashing her, and we spent most of our time in a play yard where she loved playing fetch. She is great with tennis balls! She's not jumpy, enjoys retrieving, and always brings the ball back for more. After playing for a while, Ursela was content with some back rubs. She would run with the ball and then come lay down calmly. She even relaxed enough for some belly rubs! It was really gratifying to see her relax like this."

Ursela also headed out on a field trip away from the shelter recently. She visited The Complete Canine, where she worked with a trainer on polite leash manners. In fact, Ursela has been sponsored for a six-week training class there once adopted, as well as several private training sessions. This lady has friends in high places! Ursela's field trip chaperone stated the following:

"Ursela is alert to everything but settles quickly. She loves being petted and getting belly rubs. She's great with people!!!"

Ursela shares her kennel with another PACC pup and was playful and social when meeting other dogs in the playgroup. She can be a bit forward with her greetings, so she would like to meet any resident dogs before heading home to make sure it's a good fit. Ask to meet Ursela today!!

Ursela is a spayed black and brown Pit Bull Terrier mix. She weighs approximately 58 pounds, and the shelter staff thinks she's about 2 years and 5 months old.

At the shelter since January 3, 2023, she's ready to go home today!
If you're interested in adopting Ursela, please email pacc.adopt@pima.gov for an adoption application or additional questions. She's in Kennel D140, and her ID# is A797701. Check out her videos below!





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