Veterinarian Urgently Warns Dog Owners About the Extreme Dangers of This Toy After Puppy Almost Dies

Veterinarian Urgently Warns Dog Owners About the Extreme Dangers of This Toy After Puppy Almost Dies


Like pet parents, veterinarians want the best outcome for our pets. They've devoted their lives to keeping animals safe, and the last thing they want to see is harm befall them in any manner — particularly through something meant to bring them joy.

Toys, whether for humans or pets, are intended to bring fun and distraction into our lives, not harm us. Even if a toy is non-toxic without any small removable parts, it can still pose a threat, as one pet owner found out, and bring steep vet bills with it.

Dog Toys

One veterinarian in the U.K. is now sounding the alarm after a five-month-old puppy ingested an entire rope toy, leaving him in critical condition. As a result of the mishap, the pup had to undergo surgery to have 70 percent of his small intestine removed!

Say what?!?! Yup, you read that right. Just like if a large dog gets its maw around a small toy intended for lesser-sized dogs, it can choke, animals capable of chewing a rope toy to the point of being able to swallow it can have it end up stuck in their digestive tracks.

Rope Toys

The dog, in this instance, was a puppy named Rango. Veterinarian Dr. Sheldon Steinmetz stated:

"Rango had tragically been the victim of an unattended rope toy which he, as a young pup, decided to eat. This is one of the most devastating things that a dog can swallow. Once the strand of rope gets into the small intestine, it is almost impossible for it to pass naturally. I would say that he had a 15 percent chance of survival due to how sick he was and the damage that had been done."

Rango was eventually in critical condition after swallowing the rope toy left by a visitor and, as a result, had to have life-saving surgery, as noted above.

Consult Your Veterinarian

You should always ask your vet about the toys your pet can safely play with and those they feel should be discouraged due to the animal's size and breed. Some dogs have more of a chewing instinct and are more destructive than others.

Size- and safety-appropriate toys for your pet's breed and age are just as important for them as selecting the right toys for your kids because dogs have a similar childlike mentality and need to be monitored to keep them safe. This is especially true for puppies. Knowing what they play with can help.

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