Rescue Pitbull Can't Stop Wiggling For Joy When He Sees Grandma

Rescue Pitbull Can't Stop Wiggling For Joy When He Sees Grandma

A sweet rescue pitbull in Raleigh, North Carolina went from being abandoned in a pickup truck to being surrounded by the loving family he deserves. The dog, Wally, has formed an especially close bond with his owner's mom: grandma.

According to Cuddle Buddies, Emily said her mom was hesitant about Wally at first. She said, "When I first got him, my mom was like, 'Are you sure you want a pit bull type dog?'"

However, her hesitation quickly turned into enthusiasm. Emily explained, "But as soon as I brought him home, she fell in love with him."

As it turns out, Wally is also obsessed with Emily's mom. When it's time to visit Grandma, Wally can't stop wiggling for joy!

Emily shared with Cuddle Buddies that the pittie was found in the back of a pickup truck as a puppy with the rest of his litter. She saw his photos online and decided to do a meet and greet, and it was love at first sight.

Check out the video below:

Emily revealed on Instagram that the now 5-year-old Wally has taken up fostering dogs with her!

In August 2021, Emily decided to open her home to foster dogs through Hope Animal Rescue in Durham, North Carolina. Since then, she fostered 12 dogs in just 12 months!

As it turns out, Emily wasn't in it alone. She had Wally, a fellow rescue pup, to help out. In the Instagram post, Emily shared photos of Wally with the foster dogs and it's really precious to see.

You can see for yourself in the video below:

You can keep up with Wally on Instagram, @wally_the_pit.

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