Whale Watchers See Blood In The Water And Witness Calf Being Born Before Their Eyes

Whale Watchers See Blood In The Water And Witness Calf Being Born Before Their Eyes

If you've ever been whale watching before, you probably realize that seeing blood in the water isn't usually a good sign. In fact, it usually means that something is dying - being eaten. But that's not always the case.

Whale watchers in Dana Point, California were in for quite the treat when they saw blood in the water and thought the worst. However, instead of witnessing death, they were witnessing life!

 width= Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Photographer D Ramey Logan; title "Dana Point a city in southern Orange County CA" License: CC BY-SA 3.0

Passengers with Capt. Dave's Dolphin & Whale Safari had the privilege of seeing a whale calf being born, and the group was sure to share about it in a Facebook post.

"Blood in the water is not usually a good sign. It often means something predatory. Today, though, it meant something wonderful. The birth of a gray whale calf, right off our coast! Stay tuned for video!" they wrote in the post, which was accompanied by some lovely photos of the mama whale birthing her calf.

As promised, the group later shared a follow-up video where you can see the little calf swimming around with its mama. It's simply adorable!

They explained in the caption that witnessing a whale giving birth was a "1st for us in 25+ years of whale watching." Gray whales typically give birth "in the warm and protected lagoons of Baja California, Mexico," where they have some protection from predators, like orcas.

But as you can see in the video below, this whale was an exception and her calf seems to be doing just fine.

The mama even brought the little calf close to the boat, as if introducing it to the crew!

In a second video, you can see the whale swimming in circles around its mom. It's clear that the calf is still learning how to swim properly but they're quickly learning!

Check out the adorable video below:

Nature is incredible.

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