Why Dogs Sneeze Sometimes During Playtime

Why Dogs Sneeze Sometimes During Playtime

We love our dogs so much. They're part of the family, which is why whenever we hear them sneeze, we perk up - wondering if we need to take them to the vet's office or not.

However, dogs can sneeze for a number of reasons, just like people.

It can either be due to irritants in their environment such as dust, or it can be allergies to things like molds or pollens. However, these causes aren't usually as frequent as with humans. Sometimes they will sneeze because of foreign bodies getting stuck in their nose.

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Perhaps one of the strangest reasons for dogs to sneeze is playtime. If you've ever had a dog then you may be familiar with that rapid sneeze that they sometimes do during a play session.

Researchers believe that this sneeze is actually part of a communication method that dogs have which is connected to playing with other dogs. It's a way for them to signal to their playmates various meanings such as cooperation, warning, deference, or even an invitation to play.

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In other words, it's a way for them to remind their buddies that all the rough-housing is just pretend and there is no need to fight for real.

It's because of this that you may notice that your dog has a little sneeze or sneezing fit right as playtime gets intense. It's just a gentle reminder that playtime needs to be kept low-key and is another way for them to reassure their playmates that everything is good and they are enjoying themselves.

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While it may be cute to watch your dog sneeze, you do need to keep an eye out for any behavioral changes. If your dog begins to sneeze more frequently than normal, and they are also changing their behavior, then it might be a good idea to take them for a check-up as sneezing can be a sign of various problems such as nasal mites, infections, or even tumors.

Who would've thought that sneezing was a form of communication! The more you know.

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