Wobbly Denji Needs an Understanding Pet Parent to Welcome Him

Wobbly Denji Needs an Understanding Pet Parent to Welcome Him


Meet handsome Denji, a tuxedo kitty with plenty of personality and charm living in southern Arizona. This sweet boy is a huge cuddle bug who would thrive in a multi-cat household. While he enjoys cuddle time and love from his humans, Denji also has a playful side that he likes to let shine. Like most cats, boxes are a favorite for him, and little spring toys are simply to die for in his expert opinion.

Denji does have CH, aka Cerebellar Hypoplasia, aka Wobbly Cat Syndrome. Fortunately, it is more of a mild case. He gets around just fine and is able to use a litterbox and eat normally. He just has a little wobble in his walk! He can get more stressed in situations, so an experienced cat owner would be preferred for this special needs fur ball. For more info on the subject, you can visit this link at VCA Hospitals for all of the details.

Denji loves his kitty friends, as mentioned above. While he's unsure about dogs, older, respectful kids (if applicable) are required for his comfort. This doesn't mean he couldn't get along with either group with proper introductions that are made at an easy pace. Patience and gradual entry into new situations are vital for any pet trying to transition into a new environment.

Described as a larger fella, Denji is 2.3 years old, house-trained, neutered, current on vaccines, dewormed, and microchipped. If interested in adding this sweet love nugget to your family, please fill out an adoption application on the Southern Arizona Cat Rescue website.

If you have further questions, you can contact the Southern Arizona Cat Rescue at (520) 200-1643 or adoption@sacatrescue.org. They will be glad to answer any inquiries you might have. As always, please share this sweet kitty with as many of your friends and family members as possible to increase his chances of finding a forever home for him that much quicker.

Rebecca West

Rebecca is a writer and editor for both print and digital with a love for travel, history, archaeology, trivia, and architecture. Much of her writing has focused on human and animal health and welfare. A life-long pet owner, she has taken part in fostering dogs for military members during deployment and given many rescued and surrendered dogs the forever home they always wanted. Her two favorite canine quotes are, "Be the kind of person your dog thinks you are," and "My dog rescued me."

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