People Rally Together To Help Woman Who Feeds The Hungry After Someone Destroyed Her Garden

People Rally Together To Help Woman Who Feeds The Hungry After Someone Destroyed Her Garden

Gardening takes a lot of work and things don't always go as planned. My mom plants a huge garden every year and spends countless hours tending to soil preparation, starts, transplants, wedding, etc. The list is nearly endless when it comes to growing food, as it restarts each season.

While my mom's goal is to grow enough food to eat during the year, if something happens to the garden (hello, elk), it's not a huge deal since she can afford groceries. But for those who rely on gardening as a main source of produce, having that stripped away can be devastating.

That's something Carly Burd knows all too well. She has a garden in Harlow, England where she not only grows food for herself but for those in need.

Unfortunately, she took to TikTok in tears to share some heartbreaking news. In a video, she explained that someone had broken into her gardening space and poured salt all over the soil.

The salt would prevent her seeds from sprouting while ruining the soil for future plants.

Amazingly, her video went viral and gained both local and international attention!

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Not only did people on TikTok rally around to uplift Carly, but members of her community stepped up to help amend the soil and get the garden space ready to use again.

In a follow-up TikTok video, Carly shared photos of people coming together to support her and her vandalized garden.

If that weren't amazing enough, people from all over donated to her GoFundMe.

In the GoFundMe, she said:

"I know how hard its going to be this winter with cost of living .So I transformed my garden into an allotment to provide those on benefits, pensioners on state pension & those on a low income FREE organic fruit an vegetables plus essentials. They receive a large box that contains essentials plus enough food, fruit, vegetables, pasta, rice, breakfast etc for the amount of people in the household."

Carly's GoFundMe goal of £4,000 was blown out of the water as she received some £245,785 in donations and counting.

You can keep up with Carly and her work on TikTok or Instagram.

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