Can You Imagine a World Functioning on Kid Logic?

Can You Imagine a World Functioning on Kid Logic?

With how chaotic and troubled the world is, it's inevitable to wish for another chance at childhood. Those are times when almost everything is easy, and you have a choice not to face reality. Seeing the world through a different lens is a gift people lose as they age. For this reason, it's fun to reminisce about the world you created as a kid. A society that functions on kid logic might be more interesting than how things run right now. Lots of things will undoubtedly be different, and it will be like living in a cartoon or an animated film. You might write the next "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" with those ideas.

Bringing this topic to conversations can be fun and engaging. You'll see how different people view the world through a child's eyes. They have their own versions of a world operating on kid logic. A Redditor with the username beefstewforyou opened this topic on AskReddit with the question, "The world now operates on kid logic, in what ways are things different?" You'll be immersed in the conservations in the comment section. It's an entertaining discussion thread, and you'll find yourself also pitching an idea. Listed below are a few of the answers to OP's question.

Teachers Live in School

Since children only see teachers at school, there comes a point when you think they actually live there. But with society functioning from a kid's perspective, teachers really do live at schools. "Teachers probably spend more of their waking time in school than any other one location. Do they really live where they sleep?" Office_Sadist replied to Drillix08's answer.

Because I Said So

Have you ever met a sassy kid who justifies their actions with "because I said so?" If yes, then you know how that reason can be acceptable in their world. You can't do anything against them anymore — lawsuits won't even work. "Because I said so is now a valid legal defense, as is, I know you are, but what am I?" the_purple_goat commented. Society will adjust and alter how the justice system works with that one line. However, does it only happen with kid logic?

Vehicle Control

Aside from changing society, children also have out-of-this-world ideas about mechanics and technology. Morall_tach responded, "Leaning forward in your car makes it go faster." It's fun to think that you don't have to worry about gears and whatnot; you'll have to leave it all to your body movements. ATGF added, "If you're driving somewhere far away, just fall asleep! You'll get there in no time." Guess driving schools will be unnecessary in that kind of world.

The Fast Runner Becomes the King

Of course, there's a king in a civilization operating on kid logic who is chosen unconventionally. Do you know how kids take pride in who runs the fastest? That's where HannibalLecter100's answer was taken from: "The one who runs fastest is King." There might be a race to the throne, which also applies to the situation. Choosing a patriarch would be fun and lighter — no campaigns or bloodlines are needed to complicate things. Redditor_Who_Exists also jokingly replied, "What about the person who's tallest?"

Rich People Give More to the Poor

Sometimes children have more understanding of how unfair the world is. Why do rich and poor people exist? "People who make more money should be forced to give it to poor people. Because otherwise "it's not fair," andersonenvy answered. Everything a child sees as questionable will be different in their world. They want everyone to be happy and given the same comfortable life. It'll never be one of the reasons why they say, "it's not fair," in a cute voice.

All the answers you can find in the comment section reflect how kids combine fun and pure ideas. "I personally think it would be more beautiful and pure," Regular-Trip3045 commented. Surely, the world will be simple, and any negativity can be solved by your favorite candy. A hug and a kiss on the booboo can heal everything. When the world gets too overwhelming, you could build a happy place operated by kid logic. Let it have a space in your mind so you can go somewhere without worries. If you were to create a kid-logic society, how would you do it? Join the conversation in the comment section now!

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