You Can Now Watch The World's Fastest Fish Hunt

You Can Now Watch The World's Fastest Fish Hunt

Sailfish are not only beautiful, but they are also super fast. In fact, experts often consider them to be the fastest fish in the ocean, according to Oceana.

Sailfish are part of the billfish group, which also includes Spearfish and Marlins. In order to track down and catch prey, Sailfish use their high-speed and predatory behavior in a unique way.

There has not been a lot of information about how sailfish hunt. Quite honestly, it's been challenging to keep up with them to make that determination.

According to some research, scientists do know that Sailfish will take part in bait ball hunting, where they drive the smaller fish to the surface of the ocean. Sailfish will then enter the bait ball to eat all they want.

Although there are times when they take part in that behavior, it is thought that they are solitary and will often hunt on their own.

Very few studies have been done on Sailfish because they are not able to be kept in captivity easily. In a recent study, however, they took an individual sailfish and attached a camera to help monitor what he was up to over the next 24 hours.

During that time, the Sailfish hunted tuna. This was the first time they were ever able to track a sailfish hunting in such a way. He tried to hide and made several other efforts to capture the tuna, but the video didn't show him doing so.

He may have been successful in his hunt, however, because he did a head shake. That typically shows that they are swallowing. You can see the videos below:

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