Survey Finds Younger Generations Don't Care About Becoming Grandparents

Survey Finds Younger Generations Don't Care About Becoming Grandparents

Ask any grandparent, and they will tell you that grandchildren are one of the best things that could've ever happened to them. It seems as if this message isn't being passed on to the new generation, however, because most of them don't care if they become grandparents.

Pew Research Center is responsible for the new survey that closely examines parents in today's day and age. Those parents are concerned about their children's financial and mental stability, along with job satisfaction.

There has always been an interest in living a satisfying life, and the markers of satisfaction are the same as they always were, being married and having children. Getting a college degree is also on the list.

When Pew Research surveyed 3,757 parents in the United States with younger children, they came up with something interesting. About 40% of the parents were concerned about their children and the depression or anxiety that may be part of their lives. Another concern was the possibility that the children would be bullied.

The mothers that were surveyed are more likely than the fathers to be concerned about these things. This survey brings out some interesting details, but it may have been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic and the mental health crisis many youngsters face.

Perhaps one of the more interesting factors that came out in the survey was that 50% said that they weren't concerned about their children having children or getting married. This is something relatively new with this generation because they are worried about their children finding jobs and being happy rather than seeing them settle down with a spouse and children.

As far as what they would like for their children, about 90% of those surveyed said that it's vital for their children to have financial independence as adults. They also want them to be at a job that they enjoy.

On the other end of the spectrum, about 20% said that getting married and having children is important for them.

Although this may not indicate how everyone feels, it is interesting that such a large percentage said they aren't interested in having grandchildren.

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