The Risks That Are Worth Taking When You're Young and Still Figuring Out Life

The Risks That Are Worth Taking When You're Young and Still Figuring Out Life

Elders have always advised the younger generation to be careful of their decisions. Only go to war with a concrete strategy that could ensure your survival. However, when you're young, mishaps are bound to happen, leading you to more wisdom. It'll give you a better understanding of life — gaining answers to situations that are difficult to make sense of. You have to face the day straight on and experience things even when it seems scary.

Try out activities, apply for jobs, learn more hobbies, and put yourself out there. You'll stay stagnant if you don't expose yourself to risks once in a while. Growth happens when you're in an uncomfortable situation. Regardless of the outcome, some chances are worth taking — in the end, you are still shaped for further development. Nothing is ever sure unless you try, so it's best to go for it to know the answer. You will be saved from the what-ifs that could haunt you in the future.

Every person has chosen the unpredictable road several times, and some Redditors shared theirs under WiZaliZous' post. They were courageous enough to deal with the consequences of their action. Still, it was an experience that they'd never forget — proof that they were spending their youth the way it was meant to be lived. They were young and took the risks which are listed below.

Cutting Off Relationships

Some people often play a huge role in your growth — they could either aid you or hinder your progress. Sometimes it could get toxic, and then it's best to cut ties with them. That person can be a friend, relative, employer, business partner, or even a family member. Ending the relationship can be heartbreaking, but it's a risk you must take. It's for your peace of mind and your own growth as well. Staying in a toxic relationship sometimes is a sign of a trauma bond, which damages the quality of life. It's a risk that could save you in the end.

Asking Someone Out

Confessing your infatuation is nerve-wracking, especially when you think you'll be rejected. However, you'll only know the answer if you ask. They might even give you a chance and start going out with you. If not, at least you dared to try, which saved you from getting stuck wondering what could have been. Shooting your shot lets you prove yourself by showing them how you'll capture their heart. Imagine if you did not take the risk but they consider you a potential match; it'll be more regretful than getting rejected.


Visiting unfamiliar places sounds beautiful, but it can also be risky. Danger may lurk, you will spend lots of money, and your responsibilities are left behind. However, taking a breath after prioritizing your duties is a risk that comes with a reward. You are young, and you have your whole life ahead of you. Work and other responsibilities can wait, but you can never take back time. Having balance in life is vital — your hours are not meant to be spent at work every day. Travel while you still have that youthful energy to visit different countries. Traveling as a senior citizen will be challenging, so you might as well do it when your body is at its full capacity. And just like what Ameliajayne33 wrote, "Lifetime memories and friends made."

Different Job Experiences

You are not supposed to grow in one place. It'll become your comfort zone if you stay in a job for over five years. Applying for a new job may seem like a bad idea, but your future self will be thankful for it. Personal development happens when placed in an uncomfortable position. You also get to try new things you never thought you'd have a skill at. Since it's a new environment, you'll get to know more people who might become your friend for life. There are never-ending possibilities once you pursue a different path, but one thing's for sure; you learn and live as you should.

Taking a step into the unknown won't kill you; it will only make you stronger. Do not fight yourself, especially when your intuition tells you to do it. However, be reminded that not all things are worth the risk. For instance, starting a business without a well-thought-out marketing plan and sufficient funds. Decisions that significantly involve finances are at a different level of risk. You must be a lot wiser in that area, especially when your savings are on the line. Moreover, choose the risks that will shape your future as you imagine it would. OP's Reddit post is still open for answers — you might want to share yours if you have taken risks as if regret is not in your dictionary.

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