ACTA de Honduras Boilerplate — DO NOT DELETE

ACTA (Cooperation Agency of Ticino and Associates) is a private non profit agency with many years of experience working with rural and indigenous artisans all around Honduras. ACTA supports 14 indigenous, Lencan communities and 2 rural communities, under the direction of anthropologist Alessandra Foletti Castegnaro. Its main beneficiaries are 540 women, each of whom represents a family, for a total of 2,700 beneficiaries. ACTA's support is focused on improving the production and life conditions of artisans, and on developing and promoting new products. Most of the indigenous and rural artisans are women, keepers of pre-Columbian and colonial techniques, shapes and secrets.

In the hands of Lenca, Miskito, Tawahka, Garifuna, Pech, Tolupan, Maya, Chortí and Mestizo women, these traditions are experiencing a renaissance. Their artisans produce beautiful pottery and recycled aluminum that they fashion into jewelry, ornaments, gifts and home decor. Lencan Pottery is one of the most known and impressive artisanry of Honduras. The Lenca women produce black pottery, 'spotted' pots recalling the spots of the moon, and artistic objects hand decorated using pre-Columbian techniques.

The production of crafts by the women is important for economic as well as socio-cultural reasons. It reinforces the national and ethnic cultural identity. In addition, it provides an important source or rural employment, especially in low-income areas. Crafts have benefited families and the community, as well as helped prevent migration to overpopulated urban areas and the disintegration of family, ethnic and social groups. They also present women and mothers with a source of revenue that allows them to remain at home.