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NOVICA Artisan Lissete Rayme

Lissete Rayme

Ever since I was young, I've always liked designing, combining colors and textures. My grandmother knitted bags from rope and my mother would sell them. When I was older, I studied graphic design and marketing.

My friends describe me as persistent, creative and entrepreneurial. A lot of them tend to share their business ideas with me.

"A few years ago, I began supporting Acsi Peru, which helps women who have been victims of abuse, neglect and discrimination. This organization assists them with self-defense, self-esteem and also helps their school-aged children.

"The weaving workshop established by Acsi Peru seeks to improve the lives of women from different parts around the country. These women are able to create their traditional crafts with skillful hands. Many of them also have young children and, because of that, working at home is a good alternative so they can take care of their children. With time and practice, they've been able to learn new weaving techniques and finishes that they're very excited about integrating into their work.

"Each woman's story is different, but they're united under a common vision to achieve better lives for their families and community. It's very satisfying to see them overcoming their circumstances and problems and working so their art and skills are recognized.

"All of their apparel and fashion accessories are crafted with alpaca wool and all of the creations and finishes are made in our workshop."