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Merida Family

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Hello, I'm Claudia, mother of the Merida family artisans. We are an enterprising, hard-working, close and honorable family. In 2012, we pooled our money and began creating fashion with Guatemala's legendary handwoven Maya fabrics. It's been an adventure for us and our minds and hearts have become dream machines.

We really want our workshop to prosper so we can realize our biggest dream, which is to create a foundation to help underprivileged children. We love what we do.

"Our textiles are handwoven traditional looms by traditional artisan women in highland villages. We obtain our materials from Guatemalan artisans so we can create a synergy of mutual support. All the apparel and accessories we create combine our ancestral techniques with modern materials and designs.

"We enjoy working as a family. We are very proud to show our work and that of everyone involved in our artisanal venture because we know Guatemala has the capacity to create world-class quality."