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Mamani Family

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Hilda Mamani Olivera, born in 1972, is a woman dedicated to pottery. She is part of a family community working the land with her father and brothers. Their work is oriented to the mystical expression of the diverse villages of Peru through the simple language of clay. Their sculptures deal with the inimitable souls of the people who inhabit the Andes and all of the multi-colored beauty that constitutes their joy and belief in life. Their art brings us closer to earth.

"Our work activity comes from the family and, from them, we have inherited all of our knowledge of traditional pottery. We have come up with innovations trying to rescue the most heartfelt customs of our people and representing Peru in a way that is both spiritual and testimonial. We have been involved in this since 2002 and we are always worrying about highlighting our identity in the pottery field. We have exhibited our art in Chile, Spain, Brazil and Israel as well as in our own Museum of the Nation and other private institutions. Our work has obtained prizes as well as honorable mentions.

"The raw material for all our work is earth that we shape with a loving dedication using complementary elements such as water, palette knives and a wood stove that reaches temperatures as high as 800 degrees Celsius (1472 Fahrenheit). We use natural paint for our finishes and latex for more specific tones.

"We are confident that the goodwill of our art will be appreciated abroad in countries where we have not yet been but will be able to access with the magic of internet."

Hilda, with a smile on her face, blistered by the cold of the Andes, shows us the humanity of her sculptures whose characters hastily struggle to appear with the powerful forces of the Andean highlands.